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Friday, October 27, 2017

The "Glen", edition.

Good Friday morning!  I am so liking this weather. Highs still in the low to mid 80s. Oh yeah. Today is Nevada Day. "Nevada Day commemorates the admission of the state of Nevada into the union on October 31, 1864."  It's a state holiday so some banks are open. Most government offices are closed as are the schools. And the deep water fitness today. And Brian's master gardening class is off today. However, our trainer wants to meet with us today. Boo. 

So. We moved from the condo to the townhouse in July. We started that process in April. One of the reasons we were moving is because we had outgrown the condo. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths.  It was big enough for Mom and Dad. And Brian and I moved in, we got rid of some furniture and made it livable for 3 people. But after a while we just needed a little more room. There was, however another reason. I wanted a dog. Or at least a cat. The condo does not allow pets. And it's even iffy on service animals. And yes, some of the people had secret cats. Lol. But we were not even sure if we had room for a litter box. So it was time to move. 

We were looking for 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, at least 1500 square feet, gated community, pool, hot tub, allow pets, and age restricted. Whew. What a list. And yes, I even had a location preference. We needed to be within a reasonable distance to our deep water fitness Henderson. With the assistance of our fabulous real state agent, we found a place that fulfilled every requirement..even exceeded some...2.5 bathrooms and over 2000 square feet (!).... except the age restriction. But!  The average age of the residents is about 45. I ve seen very few children here. As a matter of fact I've seen more dogs ans than kids. 

So we moved in July. And we settled in. My goal was to get a dog by October. Ah. But I was picky. I wanted a West Highland White Terrier, Westie for short. I started searching the AKC marketplace for Westies. None in the Las Vegas area. The closest was 3 hours away in California, but the breeder had no puppies. The next closet would be an excursion into California. Eh. So I would look periodically. One day the 3 hour drive breeder had puppies again. However when I called, all the puppies had already been reserved. Boo. The next closest breeder was just over the Utah state line in Grand Junction , Colorado. 

The breeder had available puppies and held one for me. Brian and I were going to drive and pick up the puppy. But it did seem daunting. An 8 hour drive, spend the night and drive back with a puppy..for 8 hours. In the meantime, the breeder would get confused by my area code...still Michigan. She ends up sending me a text about flying the puppy to Michigan. Hey now!  How about flying the puppy to Las Vegas?  Jackpot!!  Was it risky?  Well risk was dealing with a breed long distance.. But the breeder is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). I'm good with that. And shipping via Delta is a very reasonable flat rate. 

Wednesday evening we drove to the Delta cargo location and picked up the puppy. The crate was so small. Which meant the puppy was so small. The puppy was alert and when I stuck my finger in the  crate and puppy licked my finger. Love at first lick!!  We got him home and told him his name is Glen. Pretty sure he paid absolutley no attention to that as he explored his new surroundings. 

How did we come up with Glen?  I asked Shawn and Brian what should we name the new puppy. They agreed on Barky McBarkface. :-/  No. I then gave them four options. They countered with Iggy and Barky McBarkface...neither of which was one of the four options. They then came back with Glen. What were the options?  Glen, Ross, Scott and Stewart. Glen was the winner. So now Glen just has to learn his name. Lol. 

The first 24 hours has been busy. Puppy = Baby. We've been to the vet. Glen explores his new house. He runs full tilt around his confined area. He cries when he wants to got the bathroom. Our cue to take him outside. At the vet, while he was in his crate, a large pitbull comes out and notices the resident cat, and the pit starts to bark. The cat is nonplussed. Glen, however, is matching the pit bark for the high pitched puppy bark and growls. ROFLMAO. Oh yeah, Glen is healthy and full of personality. And all of 5 pounds. Training will be fun. And yes, we have toys, but we need more!  Teething ahoy!  Oh yeah..frozen carrots. Yes,  all three of us are delighted to have a puppy. 

On the dialysis front, all is well. Numbers are good. I got my flu shot. And I'm pretty sure having a dog (puppy) improves the quality of life for 3 of us. Dad is enjoying the puppy his granddad!  Lol. 

That's it for today. Enjoy your day!!

He has a bed...

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