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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The "Our New Normal", edition.

Good Tuesday morning!  We stay busy in spite of ourselves. All of us, including Dad. The move is pretty much over and yet I want to do decorating...which costs money. Eh. We got a new stove before we even moved in. The original stove was kinda ewww.  And the plan was to replace appliances as needed. Well as needed happened sooner than we thought. The dishwasher needed to be replaced, so that was on the list. But then. We had a "mishap" with the oven. The oven was a wall oven and microwave. The microwave still worked, but the oven was dead. The repair guy pretty much said there was no hope. And let me reiterate..the oven issues were self inflicted. I won't go into details. So...we had to get a new wall oven. And they ain't cheap. Especially the microwave/oven combo. We decided to get a double oven and a counter top microwave. It really was less expensive. Go figure. The breakdown occurred just before Labor Day. The oven was installed yesterday. But we now have an oven. And we purchased the microwave on Sunday. We're back in business!!  

I'm looking to replace the dishwasher before Thanksgiving. And oh yeah. We have a trash compactor. We've never used one and don't care. I'll eventually swap it out for a wine cooler. Whoo!!!  And finally a new range hood. We have time. We'll be here a while. That being said, we all really like the kitchen!  

Brian is taking a master gardener class. Yes. He has a green thumb. His class is the same time as deep water fitness on MWF. Clearly I wasn't interested in gardening. I still wanted to swim. So he goes to his class and Dad lets me take his car and I go swimming. 

And guess what. We're getting a puppy!!! And that's one of the reasons we moved. Yes, we're getting another westie. We will be picking up the puppy in about a month. All 3 of us are looking forward to the arrival of the puppy. Still searching for a name. 

On the dialysis front I finally got back to nocturnal dialysis. It feels good. We weren't able to do it because of the move and the need for the water to be tested and we needed the settings for the machine. We did it flawlessly. And I feel good. Oh yeah. I left out Brian is still going to deep water fitness on Tuesday and Thursday. Same instructor, different, but closer pool. And consider this. After he goes to deep water fitness on Thursday, an hour later we go the trainer. Go Brian!!  

That's pretty much for today. It's cooled down here...for a while it was cooler here than in Detroit. We actually turned the air off. Lol lol. Yeah it's going to get warmer again, but not crazy hot. And finally a nice footnote. My dialysis nurse has volunteered to help with dialysis patients in areas devastated by the recent spate of hurricanes. My dialysis team rocks!


Friday, September 15, 2017

The "I Heart Water", edition.

Good Friday morning. I just got back from deep water fitness. And I'm tired. And that's ok.  It means I worked during class instead of slacking. There are people that treat the class as social hour. The instructor isn't having that. Lol. But yeah, we talk during exercises. I has a running conversation while doing the crawl for 5 minutes. Lol. I did sound breathless. As did the person I was talking with. 

So this is where we are. Brian is taking a gardening class...that's the same time as deep water fitness. And I gotta tell you. My interest in plants is zero. I mean I like to look at them and admire them but it stops there. My husband however likes plants and takes care of them...he got that from his mom. We still have poinsettias from last Christmas. And one still has red leaves and one still has white leaves. Lol. Who does that?  Lol lol. Well, Brian does that. I've digressed. I had absolutely no interest in the gardening class. I wanted to go swimming. Swimming is life!!!! 

So this is what happens. Dad has graciously let me use his car on MWF morning. My class is one hour. Brian takes our car. His class is 4 hours (!). Now here's the fun part. Brian drives me everywhere. Remember ...helicopter husband. But now I'm driving. And as a side note, he had me drop him off at the barber the other day. Long story short, I've driven more in the month of September than I have the entire year. I was spoiled. But now, if I want to go to deep water fitness, I have to drive myself. And I do! 

My back hurt when I woke up. I think I slept in a funny position. But I was looking forward to getting in the water to take the pressure off my spine. And it did. And the movement made me fell better. Even as I was bitching and moaning and huffing and puffing, I was enjoying being in the water. There is a dialysis angle to this. I chose the type of dialysis that I do so that I can swim. I'm happy with this decision to stick needles in my arm instead of having a hole in my stomach. No hate for the peritoneal dialysis each his own. And I know some people could never stick needles into their arms 5-6 days a week. Touché. 

Water is life!  I am allowed 40 ounces of fluid per day. I can indulge in a little more since I do home hemodialysis, but I still have watch my fluid intake. Remember, people with no kidneys don't urinate. So. Fluid intake includes drinks..water, coffee, juice...but it also includes soups and fruits...FLUID. My fluid of choice is...drumroll..Water!! Didn't see that one coming, did you?  Sure, I'll treat myself to root beer or lemonade periodically, but nothing is better than a glass of ice cold ice water. Water is life!!!

That's it for today. Apparently the triple digit weather is over for the year. I was tickled when the weather folks said fall was setting in...with temps in the mid to high 80s. Lol lol.  I'll take it!!!! Enjoy your weekend. And go learn to swim. Go on. Do it!  

Hot tub is water!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The "Settling In", edition.

Good Sunday morning!  Not a lot going on. Still settling in to our townhouse, but all 3 of us are enjoying the new home. The increase in square footage amuses us. Dad claims he needs to pack a lunch to get to the kitchen or the dining area. Lol. I've lost Brian in the house. He was not in the bedroom with me. He wasn't in the den. He wasn't in the kitchen. He wasn't in the laundry room. He wasn't in the living room or dining area. All the bathroom doors are he's not there. Last room I checked was the office. And there he was. Lol. I've had Dad disappear also. At least we know when someone is coming or going. All entrances beep when they open. Doors and garage doors. 

Of course I'm still in love with my bed. Love the style. We've replaced the stove. We had a mishap with the oven, so we're getting a new one this week. It wasn't planned or in the budget for right now, but you gotta do what you gotta do. While we were at Home Depot ordering the oven, I got sidetracked by countertop materials and backspalshes. We just watch way to much HGTV. I do like our cabinets though, so no changes there. Hehehe. I need to get new blinds. At least we removed the drapes. I hated HATED them.  The current blinds are better, but in time....  I also want some wall fans and a few new light fixtures.  And Brian and I are talking about changes to the bathroom...but in time. None of it needs to be done right now,..except the stove. And even if it seems like I want to make changes, make no mistake. I really really like our new home. We all do. 

More rooms. More walls. Yes, we've hung our (presentable) artwork, but we still would like more stuff on the walls. We're doing pretty well keeping the clutter down. And we still have a few more boxes to unpack. And a few more furniture pieces I'd like to get, but in time. I'm enjoying the pseudo minimalist look. :-D  

We eventually got the dialysis machine and water hooked up. Bonus!  One of my nurses lives nearby, so she stopped at the house to do the inspection on her way home. We're good and I'll be back to nocturnal dialysis this week. Been 2 months. Still lots of supplies, but now we have somewhere to store them. 

We're getting back into activities. Somehow I've made myself much more active in the sorority and my other organization. Dunno how that happened. Lol. Meetings ahoy!  Brian is taking a master gardener class. Did you know his mom is a certified master gardener?  So Brian has nurtured our poinsettias from Christmas. One still has red leaves. I'm duly impressed. Anyway, here's the thing. His class is the same day and time as deep water fitness. He's going to go his way and I'll be going my way. Dad has graciously allowed us to use his car on MWF mornings. 

On the dialysis front, the sun is really messing with me. Good thing we're just about done with triple digit numbers. My feet had a blister-palooza. Ouch. Ouch and ouch. I'm down to one..but it's bottom of my left foot. Forgive me if I walk funny. Ouch. It is better today. Oh yeah. We take blood samples once a month, at the beginning of the month and send the samples to the lab via FedEx. . This month we were notified to hold off. The lab is is Florida :-(  

Finally, as much as I bitched and moaned about the drive to Oregon, my kid is finally in the same time zone. Yay!  And she may come here for Thanksgving. And other holidays if she wants.  Happy mom!!! 

That's it for today. A few of my friends have checked in as safe in Florida..anxiously waiting to hear from others. Take care.  

The back of the house. The HOA takes care of all the landscaping! 

My bed <3 ...  It does look like this.