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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The "Loose Ends and Stuff", edition.

iPad shuffled to Cream (Eric Clapton), "Sunshine of Your Love". You know the riff. This is entry 259 of Pat's  Adventures. The blog has had over 12,000 views.  I've never taken the time to do more stats.  It required me to go use the desktop computer. Up until the move to Las Vegas, the computer was in the basement and I wasn't interested in going downstairs. All I wanted was a blog app I could use on the iPad. I can use this app but I still need to go to the web version for additional features. I'm sure there is an easier way. I've looked into it, but I'm not willing to out in the effort to change to another app.  Yet.

The S.O.S Band, "Tell Me If You Still Care". Once I get past the video of this song, it's just fine. The video is cheesy and the lead guy singer poses too much.  Eh. Lol.  Isn't it fun when you don't realize your ear was blocked until it opens up?  Especially when the volume is up on your headphones!  Yikes!    Whoa!!! I can hear!!!  I didn't realize I wasn't hearing at 100%. Ok. What loose ends am I talking about?  I'd make reference to events and the say I'll explain later. But I don't explain later. So here are two. 

Johnny Guitar Watson, "Ain't That a Bitch". The first loose end  is from the New Orleans trip. I was really ticked off about going to a casino. Hell. I barely go to a casino here in Vegas, why the heck would I want to spend time at a casino in New Orleans. The casino with a $40.00 buffett.  That in no way compares with the Bellagio, The Wynn, The Venetian, etc. nor The Orleans or Boulder Station. And I get coupons from The Orleans and Boulder Station!! And just so you know, we go with Dad early Saturday morning to the casino for one hour. Once a week. That's it. I also wanted to spend a little time with Shawn, but with all the other things to do and see in New Orleans, the girls weren't interested in spending time (money) in a casino. I digress. 

The Dramatics, "Oceans of Thoughts and Dreams". I had to suck it up because it was Grandma's birthday and that's what she wanted to do.  I ended up joining Brian and my brother in law in the loud sports bar.  Not only were there a zillion large screen TVs, music is blaring. So DMX, "Party Up (Up in Here)" starts playing. Brian and brother in law proceed to dance around my chair. Roflmao. Beer. Of course they're the only ones dancing in this cavernous bar. Lol. We had a good time. And I quit pouting. ;-)  

The other loose end I'm not ready to write about.  Let's just say I'm really not happy with my new nephrologist. We'll see how this plays out. My social worker knows how I feel.  

Atlantic Starr, "Send For Me". So dad's computer was pretty old and slow. He had it fixed a whole ago and came to the conclusion that he should've purchased a new one rather than spend the money. One day I was in Best Buy. I passed an all in one computer.  I did a double take. Brian had mentioned these to me a while ago.  I guess I just filed it away. Once I saw it, though, I knew that was exactly what dad needed. Plus the price was sooo right. 

Last week we went to get him one. We ended up at Staples because they were on sale. Alas, they were out of stock. Lucky for us, Fry's Electronics was just across the street or driveway or something. We were at the Town Square Mall. I'll have to describe that mall one day. Anyway, Fry's is like Best Buy on steroids. It seems like it sells everything. There was an entire section of "Seen on TV"products. There was a gaming system that came  with a chair and a steering wheel..cost over $8k. Lots of GoPro cameras. Just.So.Much.Stuff. I wouldn't want to get caught there around Christmas. Darn. I digressed again. 

Pharrell, "Happy", We end up at Fry's. They have an absurd amount of all in ones. All we need is a basic  model for an 88 year old guy who checks crossword puzzles, tracks sports, reads news and tracks the songs playing on his stereo ( lol. I have no idea how he found that).  We found and purchased that basic model. Dad was sitting in the living room when we returned. He asks what's in the box. We tell him it's for him. He goes, " For me?"  He's like a kid on Christmas morning. Lol. He opens the box and takes everything out ....Then waits for us to put it together. Lol. Of course it's Microsoft 8. I told him it was up to him to figure it out. Brian and I weren't familiar with it. And he did. :) He's enjoying his new toy. 

Today's dialysis angle. My venous buttonhole acted up this morning so I got a sharp needle stick...on the track, not the buttonhole. That would be bad. Also I had some important errands to run Monday immediately after dialysis. I was wiped out, but much better than last week. Got them done. 

Signing off with Al Green, "Let's Stay Together". <3.  Want grits today. Lol. Have a great Wednesday. Oh yeah.  The really jumbo photos are coming from my phone. And I have to add the photos via the web version of a Blogger. I'm a try to add Dad's photo.  We'll find out if it's jumbo real soon !!  

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